Travelers café opens in Lilongwe

By Charles Mkula

International travelers trying to avoid missing their flights, and those arriving for business meetings and casual engagements, now can afford enjoyable and memorable food taste bites, conversations and entertainment experiences at Lesa Café, situated at Dowa Turn-off close to Kamuzu International Airport (KIA).

The place is also well located for travelers, on M1 road, between Lilongwe city and the northern part of the country to stop-over, take a break and productively while away time as they eat or take away packaged food, text phone messages, type some work in their laptops, drink or check destination maps.

Lesa Café uses its location, existing social, cultural and physical environments to expose travelers welcoming or bidding farewell to business partners, friends and family over a drink or meals cooked from honoured traditional and conventional recipes.

“We are trying to create a unique relationship between people and an environment by providing food beyond the nourishment that a meal can provide away from home,” says Esther Banda, Lesa Catering Services’ Managing Director.

With emphasis on eating, socializing and sharing travel information, Lesa Cafe is already a traffic magnet attracting loyalty from diverse air and road travelers as well as city residents.

Banda said her company decided to contribute to making living in the capital city advancing the value of a sociable café in enhancing national economy and promoting community life.

Apart from the café, the facilities around include a vast car parking space, refueling pump station, toilets and a supermarket.

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