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Malawi government urged to table sugar industry bill in parliament

November 08, 2023 / Harry Witness Mombanyah

The Sugarcane Growers Association of Malawi (SUGAM), which is the mother body of smallholder sugarcane farmers, has appealed to the Malawi Government to table the long awaited sugar industry bill in the national assembly

Robert John Dziwani, Chairperson for SUGAM said in a Press Statement that when enacted, the sugarcane industry law will help to bring sanity and fairness to the industry.

Dziwani said: “Malawi is the only sugar producing country in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) region that does not have any appropriate laws to govern the sugar industry.”

“This, in our informed and considered view is the cause of all problems that have dogged the industry since independence in 1964 and continues to disadvantage small sugarcane growers up to this date. “.

He revealed that in September 2023, several consultative meetings were held between growers, millers and the government but it is surprising that since then there has been a worrying silence from government on the progress of the tabling of the bill in parliament.

SUGAM was established in the year 2014 and was registered with the government of Malawi in 2018. The Association has over 7,200 registered growers drawn from Salima, Dwangwa, Nkhotakota and Chikwawa. Outgrowers grow sugarcane which is processed into sugar by sugar millers in Dwangwa , Chikwawa and Salima.       

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